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Located in a quiet and green neighbourhood in the suburbs of the medieval city of Fresnay sur Sarthe, our house is nested in a private garden which includes a fish pond.

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The Sarthe opens is heart to you. Fresnay sur Sarthe, St Léonard des Bois, St Cénéri le Gérel and Moulins le Carbonnel are lovely small towns tucked away in the gentle landscape of northern Sarthe rollings hills.

An ideal place to relax in the quietness of the countryside and to go for wonderfull walks along the many marked pathways.

You will immediately feel at home in our untypical house and is lively colours.

Come discover the hilly paths of "Les Alpes Mancelles", Mount Narbonne close to the animal park that overlooks the lovely village of St Léonard des Bois, the medieval hill of Assé le Boisne, the romantic gardens of Fresnay's castle and the magnificent scenery of its surrounding countryside.

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